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Manage and minimise business H&S risks

World Day for Safety and Health at Work is observed each year on 28 April. The day helps to raise awareness about the prevention of occupational accidents and work-related ill-health.

All employers have a legal and moral duty to provide safe, secure and healthy working environments. However, for many businesses, the first time they find out if they are non-compliant with health and safety legislation is when it’s too late – following an accident, a claim or an enforcement visit.

The most recent HSE statistics for 2022/23 are cause for concern:

  • 135 workers and 68 members of the public killed in work-related accidents
  • 1.8 million people suffering from a work-related illness, of which
    • 875,000 workers suffering work-related stress, depression or anxiety
    • 473,000 workers suffering from a work-related musculoskeletal disorder
  • 561,000 people sustained an injury at work
  • 35.2 million working days lost due to work-related illness and workplace injury
  • £20.7 billion estimated cost of injuries and ill health from working conditions

Health and safety matters

The construction and agriculture, forestry and fishing sectors account for the greatest number of workers killed in fatal accidents each year.

The most common causes of fatal accidents were falls from a height, hit by a moving, flying or falling object, and struck by moving vehicle. These accounted for around two-thirds of fatal injuries to workers and are dominated by male workers (96%) with 25% aged 60 and over.

Preventing or tackling work-related stress and injury can provide significant benefits to employers and employees. Improving employee safety, health, wellbeing and overall work experience leads to increased productivity, decreased absenteeism and reduced staff turnover.

Prevention is better than cure

That’s why Irwell’s liability insurance policies include SafeCheck – a health and safety compliance assessment tailored to the unique needs of each business.

SafeCheck only takes around an hour to help:

  • ensure the safety of employees, customers and the general public
  • meet H&S compliance and duty of care obligations
  • reduce business risk of fines, claims and prosecutions

Watch this short video which explains how SafeCheck can help manage and minimise business risk in 4 simple steps

April 2024