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Some things are meant to be together.

Like liability insurance and health & safety assessments.

At Irwell, we believe that you shouldn’t have one without the other.

No two businesses are alike. No two sectors are exposed to the same internal and external health and safety risks.

That’s why we are are proud to include a health and safety review with our liability insurance policies.

Not all clients have access to health and safety experts. But we do.

SafeCheck is a health and safety compliance service that can be tailored to the unique circumstances of each business and sector. It provides guidance to businesses so they can mitigate potential losses through injury, ill-health, loss of production and liability claims.

“SafeCheck has helped many businesses reduce their exposure to liability claims, fines and prosecutions. Our knowledgeable and friendly team are here to help by informing businesses exactly where they stand, from letting them know their vulnerabilities to independently confirming compliance.”
Stephen Galley
SafeCheck Director
“Without the support ofSafeCheck, I don’t know how we would have met our requirements under H&S legislation and regulations.”
Abergavenny Fine Foods Ltd

Make sure your clients are H&S compliant

A qualified consultant will visit your clients’ premises or if they prefer, reviews can be carried out online to assess the organisation’s compliance with health and safety regulations.

By reviewing pertinent documentation, asking relevant questions, and discussing sector challenges and specific work activities, the SafeCheck consultant can identify business vulnerabilities. Things that often get overlooked or maybe misunderstood.

Then they provide a solution-based report with detailed actions to ensure the business is HSE compliant.


Business and people focused

Once vulnerabilities and areas for improvement are identified, your clients will be provided with a confidential, detailed report with pragmatic recommendations, handy tips, actions and advice to aid minimise legal and business risk. It will also highlight areas that they are doing well!

SafeCheck helps clients understand their health and safety obligations and duty of care responsibilities – to employees, customers, contractors and the general public. It helps the business promote industry best practice and maintain standards which are pivotal to their reputation and growth.

SafeCheck makes business sense. Why would you choose liability insurance from a provider that doesn’t include this service? It’s a win-win.

Minimise business risk in 4 simple steps

Documentation review to check that health & safety policies and procedures are up to date

Sector-specific H&S compliance questions answered

On-site or online tour of the workplace and activities to identify H&S concerns – and what is being done well

A useful report including practical guidance on how to minimise business risk and achieve H&S compliance

We distribute policies via brokers and intermediaries. We do not sell directly to the public. If you are seeking insurance cover, please contact an insurance broker to discuss your requirements.

The British Insurance Brokers’ Association (BIBA) provide a facility to search for brokers.

This can be accessed here or by calling 0370 950 1790.