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Tax investigation fee protection

Businesses never know when HMRC may come calling.

That’s why it pays to have our tax investigation fee protection

HMRC investigations are carried out at random regardless of your business size or sector. Your clients will get little warning to get the relevant paperwork and information together that they will need to share during the inspection.

Investigations can be complex, time-consuming and overwhelming if your client has never been subject to a HMRC inspection before.

Our tax fee protection insurance provides cover for certain professional fees that are incurred throughout the HMRC investigation giving your clients one less thing to worry about.

We distribute policies via brokers and intermediaries. We do not sell directly to the public. If you are seeking insurance cover, please contact an insurance broker to discuss your requirements.

The British Insurance Brokers’ Association (BIBA) provide a facility to search for brokers.

This can be accessed here or by calling 0370 950 1790.